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Remote Controls

Available in a variety of styles and colors, our remote controls blend nicely with any car's interior or upholstery, making them the perfect accessory to complement your lifestyle. In addition, all of our remotes feature  Anti-Burglary Technology to keep your home safe and secure.

373P Premium Remote Control - 373P

Multi-Function Remote Controls
Our multi-function remote controls can open up to four garage doors from greater distances with the reassurance of Anti-Burglary Technology.

971LM / 371LM 1-Button Remote Control - 971LM
972LM / 372LM 2-Button Remote Control - 972LM
973LM / 373LM 3-Button Remote Control - 973LM
974LM / 374LM 4-Button Remote Control - 974LM

Designer 3-Button Remote Controls
Match the color of your car's interior, your personality or even your mood with these colorful remotes!

973W / 373W
Burled Walnut Designer 3-Button Remote Control - 973W

Mini 3-Button Remote Controls

Small enough to fit in your purse, pocket or on your keychain.

970LM / 370LM Mini 3-Button Remote Control

970LM 970US USA Designer Security®
Three-Button Mini Remote Control

970US 970CN Canada Designer Security®
Three-Button Mini Remote Control

970CN 970MX Mexico Designer Security®
Three-Button Mini Remote Control

970MX 970CF Camouflage Designer Security®
Three-Button Mini Remote Control - 970CF

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